Start your young traditional Irish musicians in the making on their musical journey with us! 

Spring 2 Class Term April 25 - June 27

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We recommend group classes whenever possible to give students the experience of playing music with others as soon as possible.  Private and semi-private lessons are available as well.  Children as young as 5 years old can take lessons.  Students must bring their own instruments and a recording device to class to record their tunes to practice during the week.

Group classes will only run if 3 or more students are registered so please be sure to sign up below before showing up for class. 

Don't see the class you are looking for or need a different day or time?  Please contact us through the Contact page and let us know...we might be able to make something work! 

Press play for an example of a tin whistle class with the Irish Music School of Chicago.

Also keep in mind that private lessons also are available in Fiddle, Tin Whistle, Flute, Bodhrán, Uilleann Pipes, Guitar, Bouzouki, Piano, Singing and Cello. For group class and private lesson rates, please visit our Policies and Rates page.

Class Locations

Our classes are taught at various locations across the Chicago area. Don't see a location or day that is convenient for you?  Please contact us and let us know.


  • mondays: irish american heritage center - 4626 N. knox, chicago

  • Wednesdays: Mrs. Murphy & son's Irish bistro - 3905 n. lincoln, chicago

Class Descriptions


Beginner - Students will learn how to hold the bodhrán and stick (tipper). The lesson will also include basic rhythmic patterns such as jig and reel rhythms and methods on producing the best tone.

Intermediate/Advanced - Students will learn a wide variety of rhythms and styles including top-end playing and double sided playing. Rim shots, tone and the execution of triplets will also feature in this lesson.


Beginner - Students will learn how to hold the bouzouki and learn basic chords.

Intermediate/ Advanced - Students will learn how to back Irish tunes, understand how different chord choices can compliment Irish melodies. Students will also learn different rhythm patterns.


Beginner - Students will learn how to hold the instrument, learn the notes of the instrument trough scales and basic tunes.

Intermediate/ Advanced - Students will learn a wide variety of tune types, ornamentation, bowing, and other stylistic features of Irish Music.


Beginner - Students will learn how to hold the fiddle and bow, learn bowing techniques and rhythm through easy traditional Irish tunes.

Intermediate - Students will learn a wide variety of tunes (jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Slip Jigs, etc.). Ornamentation and bowing techniques will be taught. Students will start to learn tunes by ear at this level also.

Advanced - This class will be based on building a wide repertoire and discussing regional styles in relation to tunes.


Beginner - Students will gain a basic understanding of essential skills for the Irish traditional flute including stature, tone and breath control.  Experience playing tin whistle required.

Intermediate/ Advanced - Students will develop a wide repertoire of Irish Traditional Music and advance their techniques in areas including articulation, tone, finger-work and ornamentation.


Beginner - Students will learn how to hold the guitar and learn basic chords.

Intermediate/ Advanced - Students will learn how to back Irish tunes, understand how different chord choices can complement Irish melodies and learn different rhythm patterns.


Beginner - Students will have an introduction to right hand playing through scales and basic tunes with simple accompaniment on left hand.

Intermediate/Advanced/Children with classical experience - Students will learn the correct technique for playing the piano with Irish Traditional Music, working on fingering and ornamentation in relation to right hand melody. They will also gain a better understanding of key signatures through chordal patterns on left hand.

Tin Whistle

Beginner - Students will learn the notes, scales, basic ornamentation and articulation through simple tunes.

Intermediate/ Advanced - Students will learn a wide variety of tune types. Ornamentation, articulation, phrasing and breath control will be learned. 

Uilleann Pipes

Beginner - Students will learn how to hold the instrument, control the instrument and how to use the chanter through basic Irish tunes.

Intermediate/ Advanced - Students will learn a variety of tune types (Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Slides, Polka, etc.) and ornamentation from the great Uilleann Piping tradition.

Singing (both Irish and English)

Students will engage in a wide variety of songs from both the English and Irish singing traditions. Ornamentation, phrasing and breath control will also feature.

Sundays at Concordia Place (3300 N. Whipple, Chicago) 

9 week term - $180
Private lessons are also available.


  • Intermediate Irish Fiddle


  • Beginning Tin Whistle
  • Beginning Bodhrán


  • Beginning Irish Fiddle
  • Beginning Cello
  • Intermediate Bodhrán
  • Beginning Uilleann Pipes
  • Intermediate Tin Whistle
  • Beginning Piano

Mondays at the Irish American Heritage Center(4626 N. Knox, Chicago)

9 week term - $180
Private lessons are also available.


  • Beginning Tin Whistle
  • Beginning Irish Fiddle


  • Intermediate Irish Fiddle
  • Intermediate Tin Whistle

Teachers: Seán Cleland, Jackie Moran & Jesse Langen

Mrs. Murphy & sons irish bistro (3905 n. lincoln ave, chicago)
6:00-8:00PM Wednesdays (followed by a family friendly session @ 8PM)

10 week term - $250

Our Performance Ensemble class is taught by school director Seán Cleland, Jesse Langen and Jackie Moran. This class is based on years of experience teaching, arranging and performing Irish music around the world in groundbreaking traditional Irish bands including the Drovers, Comas, Bohola, Chicago Reel and Ensemble Galilei.  Guest teachers will also be featured throughout the term.

The Performance Ensemble class is a performance and competition group, working towards performing at selective events and festivals and competing in the Midwest Fleadh.  Young musicians in this group will learn to play at a competition level, refining tune playing as well as working on arrangements (layering, dynamics, creating intros, bridges, and endings), ensemble playing and rehearsal skills and delving into the percussion aspects of traditional Irish Music. The Irish Music School is proud of its history with this kind of group, having won multiple US competitions and sending previous bands to compete in the All-Ireland finals in 2005 and 2008.

Students involved in the Performance Ensemble will be challenged but also have lots of fun creating music as a group. The time frame of 6-8pm will include breaking out into smaller groups as needed and also participation in a session immediately following the class @ 8PM.  Parents are welcome to spend the time enjoying all that Mrs. Murphy & Sons has to offer.

The cost for the 2 hour class is only $25 because everyone involved will also be required to take private lessons on their instrument, and may be required to participate in a tune class as well.  Participants are also expected to show up to performances, and would need to confirm availability for the St. Louis Fleadh.  Should we win the Fleadh, participants would need to express interest in subsequently participating in the All-Ireland Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann.  Lastly, participants are expected to attend traditional Irish music sessions as frequently as possible (once a month is a minimum).

This is an exciting opportunity for young musicians to really delve into traditional Irish music.  Participants must have good experience with their chosen instruments however prior experience with playing traditional Irish music not necessary

Questions, ideas, concerns, need more information? Please use the Contact link above to send us a message or call 773-412-5082.

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